Blades, slash and drama!

 Aren’t you lucky, to have fallen in with such exciting people?

A story with no closure is just a story that isn’t finished yet.

Stendan → One year since.

"My name is Brendan Seamus Brady from North Dublin, and this is my final confession." - March 2013

Stendan + boyfriends

This killed me.
Ste’s past love interests and potential love interest: PRISON. DEAD. PRISON.

Ste ships are really painful, but I keep on shipping like the masochist I am.

Even though Stendan is my #1 OTP, I’m okay with McHay…

Ste and JP both had epic loves that they will never get over. Ste’s heart will always be Brendan’s and JP’s belongs to Craig. And for different reasons, they can’t be with their soulmates right now.

I’ve always thought that there was a thin line between love and hate, and JP and Ste’s constant disdain for each other and war of words carries a certain chemistry as was evident in yesterday’s (or Thurs’ FirstLook) episode. They kind of make sense in a weird way, they both have had difficult relationships with difficult men and they’re both single dads. And they both have a feisty nature that makes for sparks between the two. But they have contrasting personalities and interests, which I like. 

My problem with Stug, JP/Danny, McCarter, etc., is the relationships lacked edge, danger, passion, etc. What made Stendan so addictive was the drama, the animalistic chemistry, the raw and soul-piercing emotion of their relationship, etc. Now, I’m not saying McHay are going to come close (nothing could), but there is opportunity for high drama and loads of turmoil. Plus that was the first gay kiss I’ve seen on HO in ages that did anything for me.

I loved that we finally saw both men speak in a real way about their past loves (obviously I adored all the Brendan memories), and I felt this amazing connection when Ste and JP conversed. A barrier was dropped and their soul’s were revealed, two very akin souls. It was the first time they spoke on a deep level in months and it was so refreshing and intimate, I knew from the first sentence that they would be kissing by the end. 

While I understand that this pairing will enrage many and isn’t sensical, I am on board from a writing/drama aspect and from a POV that feels if Ste can’t be with Brendan (right now, still holding onto hope of a reunion someday), JP is a pretty good option because he’s a wonderful, muti-dimensional character who already had a “frenemy” past with Ste, and a great lost love. And come on, dating a father and son at the same time? I wouldn’t be able to resist if I were a HO writer either. This is going to be such a juicy, enthralling SL. Not to mention all the dark/awful stuff coming up for John Paul.

So I applaud the writers for this twist and may be posting McHay stuff in the future. So be warned, and know that I will never love any pairing more than Stendan.

That he’d met someone that loved him and that he finally felt happier than he had ever been. But he was scared, scared ‘cause he knew he would let you down.