Blades, slash and drama!

I think this is the moment John Paul knew that Ste was the one for him.

I'm actually really worried about the Christmas SP to be honest. Kieron said some things about his upcoming storylines that don't suggest it will be a happy episode for Ste and I want my two bunnies to stick together for once :( :(

UGH! Of course, nothing is ever happy in Hollyoaks, now they want to ruin Christmas? This is why I stopped following HO spoilers, just watching is stressful enough. I’m so sick of this constant shit storm our boys have to go through. Ste has the most horrific overall story arc of any character in television history and JP’s isn’t much better. Can’t they have a little stretch of happiness? Is that too much to ask HO writers?! You sadistic bastards!

I’m a fan of edgy, dark and angsty SLs, but this is just too much.

I just saw your post on the McHay giffing stuff. I want to say, while they're aren't thousands of McHay fans right now, the ones that are here (me included) are very loyal to them, and you. Thank you so much for doing what you do. It'll never be a lost cause. Can't wait for the Christmas Eve special!!

The Christmas and New Year’s Eve specials seem very promising (sort of like Stendan in Dublin maybe?). I cannot wait for that! They deserve some proper happiness after all they’ve been through.

I’ll continue gifing of course! I was just venting a bit this morning as I was in a bad mood about unrelated things that are stressing me out.

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

So much McHay stuff to gif. Not that I’m complaining…

There are just so many scenes (angst/hugs/kisses/fluff) and it keeps piling up as I’m distracted with other fandoms.

Also I wish our ship had a bigger tumblr presence as it would make the hours of gif making worth it. I almost feel like I’m making them for myself, because the reblogs are pretty woeful. But I really appreciate everyone who does like/reblog them though. And I feel like I’ve turned a few people onto the show in the process.

And as much as I ship McHay, the engagement is too soon (they can’t even get through a week without turmoil/nearly breaking up). And Hollyoaks + Weddings = Disaster. Please don’t ruin this HO writers.

UGH! All my ships are giving me anxiety.


Don’t care what the haters say. Christmas Eve special centered on Ste and John Paul, I CAN’T WAIT!

*seal clapping*

McHay throwback: first kiss

 Aren’t you lucky, to have fallen in with such exciting people?

Do you know where I can watch current episodes of hollyoaks? I live in the states btw.

YouTube has a ton of episodes.

This channel has an archive that goes all the way back to winter of 2013, they are always a bit late (a week or so) posting the latest (because they upload them in batches), but the video quality is excellent, almost HD: Hollyoaks Fans

This channel is updated daily with the First Look episodes only hours after they air in the UK, but the screen is small and has an annoying background, but it’s the only daily updated channel: Hollyoaks Weekender

There’s also the Price Slice channels, but they’ve been broken up into three different channels, so it might be confusing, but those channels post high quality videos too.

Oh and unfortunately you’ll run across some videos that won’t play in your country because of song copyright, but usually only a handful in a year’s worth of HO are blacked out.

Just do a YT search of those names, click “Videos”, scroll down, hit ”Load More” again and again until you’re at the date you want and you’ll be set.

Unless they show some sort of “afterglow” today on HO, McHay’s first time was such a let down.

We’ve been waiting months for this moment and all we got was a kiss and John Paul retrieving snacks because of the calories they supposedly burned off. Really HO, really? Can we get a proper love scene on HO Later to make up for this travesty?