Blades, slash and drama!
I’d love to see Ragnar chop off this obnoxious English nympho princess’ head.

I swear, if she lays a claw on my precious Athelstan…

*sigh* They’re going to make Ser Loras and Prince Oberyn sleep together, aren’t they?

Don’t get me wrong, I love both characters and no doubt it will be hot, but still…

And why can’t they portray Loras as the valiant knight and member of the Kingsguard he is in the books? I’m really puzzled as to what they’ve been doing to his character since Renly died. Seems like they just use him as an excuse to make gay jokes or fill their hot M/M action quota. And in a way I get it, sexy times are more fun than gallantry and heroics, but I’d like to see a more serious side to his character every once in a while.

His reaction to the dwarves mocking Renly’s memory was nice. And I liked his interaction with Jaime. Hopefully they’ll have Loras join the Kingsguard soon and we’ll see their friendship develop. Also hoping for cute interaction with him and Tommen in the future.

I just pray they don’t re-write his entire plot.

The “almost kiss”.


Are we going to talk about how Leo was thiiiiss close to kissing Zo?

I’m going to gif it ASAP! This is the best year ever for my ships, I swear. It’s scaring me a little.

Leo almost kissed Zo, but then didn’t… UGH!

But yeah, they’re totally in love. Tom and Gregg killed their scenes together.




Ragnar’s coming to save his bb monk who he dreams about all the time.